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Escorts from Kent, Kent, South East England, England, United Kingdom


Age:27 Bust:34G Height: 5' 6"
Call now - I'm sure I'll be able to squeeze you into my evening


Age:24 Bust:34DD Height: 5' 7"
A saucy English little mins- the ultimate party girl xx


Age:33 Bust:34B Height: 5' 7"
Kiara our Italian beauty xx


Age:24 Bust:38E Height: 5' 3"
Natural body hair, tattooed, curvy, mediterranean, busty, bisexual


Age:24 Bust:34C Height: 5' 6"
An Sparkly sweet English Beauty xx


Age:50 Bust:34D Height: 5' 0"
I'm a mature, attractive & slim lady with red/blonde long hair. I'm petite at only 5' tall (without the stilettoes!) & a size 8/10 34D-28-34 ... sexy, sensual & responsive.


Age:26 Bust:32C Height: 5' 7"
Bubbly Brunette 'HANNAH' in Essex/Kent Tonight!


Age:22 Bust:38E Height: 5' 5"
Fiery Redhead 'KOURTNEY' in Essex/Kent Tonight!


Age:24 Bust:34DD Height: 5' 6"
Slim & Busty Ebony 'SHARON' in Essex/Kent Tonight!


Age:23 Bust:32A Height: 5' 5"
Naughty Brunette 'MAGDA' in Essex/Kent Tonight!


Age:20 Bust:32E Height: 5' 8"
British Blonde Susie available tonight in Essex and Kent - £150ph


Age:43 Bust:42DD Height: 5' 5"
A curvaceous BBW lady... All Woman for your sexy desires xxxxx


Age:25 Bust:32C Height: 5' 3"
British Redhead Katie available tonight in Essex and Kent - £150ph


Age:23 Bust:32B Height: 5' 4"
British Redhead Emily available tonight in Essex and Kent - £150ph


Age:21 Bust:32B Height: 5' 6"
British Brunette Diane available tonight in Essex and Kent - £150ph


Age:23 Bust:32C Height: 5' 7"
British Raven Haired Natalie available tonight in Essex and Kent - £150ph